Understanding how the settings on your panel work is important in order for you to get the type of experience you're seeking.  The following is a review of each feature we provide on your MCPE server:

When you first enter your Dashboard you will notice a couple of categories, close to the top of your screen.  The first will say "Getting Started".  Upon clicking this, you'll notice that there's not a lot of information provided yet... >wink< >wink<.  Then you have the "Server" category, where you are able to adjust many of your server settings (We'll cover that hunk of info in a sentence or two).  If you have questions or concerns you can always select "Support" where a new internet tab will upload and you'll be directed to http://potpotsie.freshdesk.com/.  Here, you'll be able to get answers by submitting a customer service ticket.  And lastly, you have the "Logout" category.  Simple enough, right?  Well, let's go back to the "Server category.

WHEN YOU FIRST LOG INTO YOUR PANEL you will see a tab that says SERVER.  This is where your settings demand an explanation:

Under your "General" tab you will see your IP and port number combination.  This is unique to your server and allows you and your friends to connect to it.  You may choose to name your server as well as create a message that will be seen by everyone you let log into your server.  You also have the option to toggle your settings between "private" and "public".  This allows you to control who is permitted on your server at any given time.  

Your "Whitelist" tab allows you to add yours and other people's usernames, and is a type of safe list.  It would be wise to only add your most trusted MCPE friends to this list as it gives them the power enter the server at any time; even when you're not playing.

The "Ban list" tab lets you add people's usernames who are trolling you by destroying your world, attacking you or your friends, etc.  These people will no longer have access to your server.  Basically, they're banished

You have an "Ops" tab.  When adding a username, other than your own, to this list use extreme caution as they will have as much control and power over the server as you do.  Thereby making it possible for them to ban you and your friends!  These people can change passwords, mimic your username, and allow their own friends onto your server.  So be careful! 

Currently, the tab titled "Plugins" will automatically include a "SimpleAuth" and "WorldEdit" plugin.  To enable these features just click on the corresponding button, but be warned.  For the time being, to disable these plugins you will need customer support.  In the future, however, every customer will have access to all plugins and will be able to enable or disable them at will.  We even have plans for to add configuring features for those of you who enjoy tinkering : )  Our engineers are working hard on this very anticipated development!

The next tab on your panel is the "World" tab.  When you click on it, you'll see that it's pretty explanatory since the only option under this tab is to "Destroy World".  So use with caution!  Once it's gone, it's gone forever. >sniffle< >sniffle<

The "System" tab contains probably the most often used feature of your panel.  Here you'll find the "Restart Server" button.  This will refresh/reboot/restart . . . whatever you wish, your server.  In many cases this is the first thing to do when troubleshooting.  It's also necessary when any changes have been made to your server, such as installation or uninstallation of plugins, resetting password, lagging, after destroying world, etc.  

If you have any other questions about how to use your panel, you can contact us at http://potpotsie.freshdesk.com/ by submitting a ticket to one of our customer support agents.  We're eager to help you!

Good luck!  Be safe!  Have fun!