Notice:  We adding an awesome upgrade to your panel.  VERY soon you will be able to control all of your plugins from your panel by selecting various plugins that we’ll have listed.  From now on you will not need customer support to enable, disable, install, or uninstall anything!  You will have complete control.  Hopefully this answers any future questions you have about plugins etc.  We appreciate your patience as we roll out this exclusive MCPE feature!  Never before has a server host provided this type of service.  All other server providers use a control panel for their customers that was originally tailored for Minecraft PC/Mac servers and because of this to install plugins requires a computer and FTP client or customer support ticket.

Also, some versions of SimpleAuth are not compatible with the new servers. We’re working right now to make this and all other plugins synchronized with the newest version.  Thank you so much for your understanding.  

PotpotsieLLC Minecraft Pocket Edition Team